5 Reasons that your Business or Organization should have a Website

1 Customers expect you to have a web site:

If you don't already have a Web site, you may not know that two-thirds of all Americans regularly use the Internet for email, research, education and entertainment.

A Web site and email access are as important as having voicemail, fax, an answering machine, a telephone directory ad or a weekly listing in your newspaper. A Web site provides you with the benefits of all of these methods of staying in touch and getting your message out to the community.

2 People are online looking for you:

Your customers, and potential customers, are using the Internet at home, school and work. If you don't have a Web site, you are missing a valuable way of communicating with your customers, your community and those who are searching for information about your business.

3 Other businesses are online:

Other businesses in your community are online aggressively promoting their Web sites. They are putting their Web address in print, television, radio and newspaper advertising as well as on business cards, letterhead, printed brochures and handouts. What are you waiting for?

4 Web sites save you money:

Internet information can greatly reduce printing and mailing costs. Information that you now distribute via handouts, brochures and newsletters is readily available online, avoiding print distribution costs.

5 Your website tells your customers they're important:

A Web site communicates positive values to your customers. It tells them that you care enough to provide current information and communicate with them at their convenience. It also shows that you want to hear from them and want them to be full participants in your business.